Open any social media platform, news channel or app or newspaper, and you’d be looking at tons of bad news about deaths, lack of oxygen, beds, injections, medications, and more. But there’s another way to look at this — with a dash of positivity. We know that everyone is surrounded by stress, anxiety, fear and depression, but at Prime Gifts, we want to look at the world with our positivity glasses on.

A Human Connection — Even Though We’re Apart

Today, we’re also seeing the planet heal and humanity connect like never before. While social media can get depressing, it’s also extremely helpful for those in need. Everyone is coming forward to spread messages for their friends so that they can get the required help on time. Not to mention, we’re also all trying to uplift each other’s spirits and heal together, even if we’re apart.

As a community, we’re coming together in many ways. We’re praying for our loved ones, inspiring our neighbours or friends, sharing some laughter to lighten the mood, singing, dancing, and celebrating just the fact that we’ve made it this far and will definitely emerge stronger.

You’d be surprised to see the kind of help that’s coming forward. There are people sharing over 350 tiffins for free every day, many NRIs are donating funds to help our country heal, celebrities are doing their bit to share positivity and also help in every possible way. A number of web developers and internet experts are also building websites and portals to offer all Covid-19 assistance in one place for families in need. Such things give us hope — the light we all need at the end of this tunnel.

Together, we can fight the pandemic, even if we’re so apart. Humanity is at its peak and we can’t complain!

Art & Innovation are Finding New Homes

Surprisingly, we’ve all gotten a lot more creative and innovative in this pandemic. We’ve come up with new ways to learn, study, cook, work, paint, celebrate, exercise and even meditate. Online classes, work from home, online birthday parties, and more continue to rule our schedules but it offers an opportunity to grow and bond even in these times.

We’re all learning to embrace the new normal with a smile. You’ll find some friends cooking up a storm in their kitchens, some are busy making YouTube videos of guitar lessons. While some have created beautiful art, many others have built something smart!

If you really think about it, we’ve all learnt so much more in this year than ever before. We read so many books, exercised our minds and bodies, embraced new skills, and sharpened our creative geniuses.

Family First

Kids never got to spend so much time with their parents and grandparents before. Now, they’re doing so many more activities with loved ones, contributing towards house chores, celebrating together, and having fun — while creating memories for a lifetime. For our kids, this time has definitely been challenging but they’ve shown us so much resilience that parents have learned a lot more from their little ones. Video calls continue to bring us joy — even if its virtual hugs and virtual cakes! We have the time to mend broken relationships, nurture friendships and make little rocketships!

If you’ve always complained about being too busy or not having enough time for your family, this time, time is on your side!

The Earth is Smiling

For the first time in decades, our earth, countries, cities and homes are being transformed into greener and happier places. Nature is enjoying the gift of quiet time and a pollution-free environment. We’re now more aware of our actions on the environment. There are lower greenhouse gas emissions, our waterways are revitalized, and crime has also reduced considerably. As a result, we’re living in a safer, cleaner and greener world. Our wildlife is also protected and our birds and aquatic animals are happy again!

Let us try to continue living green in the future in every way we can to protect our planet and avoid future troubles for our coming generations.

We’re creating history and we’ve got the gift of time and opportunity to make positive memories in this new normal.

Humanity is evolving with positivity; what positive differences are you making today?