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Happiness Delivered

An Automated Gifting Service to Express your Appreciation

There are many aspects that make businesses a success, and building strong client relationships is one of them. Gifting has always been an integral part of building client relationships, now more than ever.

When you’re a small business with a few clients, sending gifts is easier. However, as your business scales and clients grow, focusing on personalized gifting and remembering to gift every client during their special occasions can be time-consuming. Not to mention, it can impact the productivity of your business, too.

That’s why we’re bringing you the future of Gifting – Automated Gifting!

At Prime Gifts, we’ve always loved sharing our gifts with the world. We now do it with faster technology and smarter systems for a smooth and seamless experience.

How it Works?

  • You share a list of recipients with us along with your budget
  • We find the perfect gift, pack it with love and care
  • We also add a personalized note and deliver it to the recipient’s doorstep
  • We send the gift on your behalf
  • We can conduct this activity fortnightly, monthly or annually

Why Choose Automated Gifting?

  • Minimum Effort, Maximum Results
  • Ideal for Gifting Clients on their Birthdays or Anniversaries
  • Can Gift Employees on their Work Anniversaries or Birthdays
  • You Never Forget to Send a Gift!
  • All Gifts are Home Delivered by Prime Gifts
  • Access to our Exceptional Gifting Catalogue
  • Send Gifts to 1 or 100 Clients – We’re Scalable & Flexible

Never miss a birthday, anniversary, milestones, festival, onboarding or special event.

Streamline your gifting with Prime Gifts.