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ESG Responsibilities

At Prime Gifts, we take our Environmental, Social and Governance Responsibilities seriously and work towards reducing our carbon footprint through our offerings and our solutions. We want to deliver value to the society and community we operate in, while protecting our planet and promoting sustainability, The greatest gift we can give to our next generations is a cleaner and greener planet and we’re diligently working towards it.

Environmental Responsibilities
We’re advocates of the circular economy and believe in recycling as much as we can. We try to minimize waste and maximize resources in our gifting endeavours and do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint across all our operations. Simple things like gifting water bottles can minimize the use of plastic bottles and help our planet.

Social Responsibilities
We take a lot of interest in improving the communities where we serve and believe that it’s our duty to gift joy to those who need it the most. We work with children who need support and help them lead better lives through our CSR activities at Aniket Sevabhavi Sanstha. Similarly, we’re constantly supporting the society with gifts that spread hope and happiness.

Prime Governance
We’ve set the highest standards for internal and external governance of employees and quality standards. We want to be recognized as a responsible and well-governed business wherein every employee is accountable for their action and works towards exceeding expectations every day. Our stringent quality standards across all operations assure our clients of a highly trusted firm for all their gifting needs.