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Excited to know more about Prime Gifts and how we spread smiles every day? Our Resources section is designed exclusively to help clients, customers and gifting partners find more details about the company and understand our business better. From gift procurement to packaging and delivery, you’ll find all relevant information on our ideas, gifts and happy moments.

Gifting Consultation
At Prime Gifts, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond offering product-related gifts. We offer end-to-end consultation through our gifting experts who understand your exact requirements and recommend the right products, solutions or experiences.

Product Brochures
Want to check out our product catalogues? We’ll be happy to showcase our incredible range of products and brands. You can download the product brochures for our flagship and partner brands for more details.

Global Reach
At Prime Gifts, we take pride in being a Made in India company with global dreams. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as the No. 1 corporate gifting company in India and we’re now spreading our wings across the globe. We can deliver gifts to any part of the world, in record time.

Success Stories
We’d love to share our success stories with you – how we delivered jackets in record time to 5 countries, how we helped resolve marketing challenges of pharmaceutical companies, how we excelled in a corporate event and much more.

Tools & Technology
We embrace the latest tools and technologies to deliver a seamless gifting experience to our clients. You’ll notice all the latest innovations not just in our gifting solutions, but also our operations at Prime Gifts. We love technology and it’s an integral part of how we do things at the company.

Gift Procurement
Our experts specialize in procuring the best gifting items from across the world, at unbelievable prices. Our negotiation and sales skills are an asset to our company and our gifting partners. Want to know more about our procurement process? Contact us today.

Gift Delivery
We hire the best logistics support teams to ensure timely delivery of all gifts – whether it’s a single destination or across multiple cities or countries. You can rely on us to deliver gifts before time, anytime, anywhere.

Packaging Excellence
Prime Gifts specializes in unique and extraordinary packaging that makes a lot of difference in the gift’s impact. Our experts can pack even the simplest gifts like stationery or chocolates in the most enticing ways. We use premium packaging materials to spread smiles at the first look!

Rewarding Partnerships
Our partners are essential to make our company and gifting endeavour a success. We connect with the best gifting vendors and partners throughout our journey and grow and excel together. We’re always on the lookout for the right partners and if you think you fit the bill, we’ll be happy to gift you a rewarding opportunity.